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Few investors, if any, sail through life without making mistakes, but when it comes to retirement investing, serious missteps can be costly. Many investors are wary of taking aggressive risks with their portfolio for fear of losing money. But investing too conservatively can pose even more risk in the long run. Unfortunately, investors are largely on their own when it comes to funding their retirement, and that necessitates learning everything possible about the best way to get there -- especially how to avoid the biggest retirement investing mistakes.

tfsa vs RRSP

Investors may be better off building wealth within a TFSA rather than an RRSP. Which is best for you?

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Tips on avoiding some common costly mistakes with your TFSA.

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Everything you need to know about RRSP investing.

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Peter Besler's tips to get the maximum benefit from your TFSA.

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Peter Besler can help guide you along the path to retirement as well as through your retirement years. No matter what stage in life you are, we can provide guidance, tools, and services to help you prepare for retirement on your terms. For those investors who are just beginning their retirement plan, knowing how to effectively invest, save, and spend will help you make smart financial choices. Maximizing your retirement savings is a smart way to help create a solid foundation for your future. Peter Besler can help you avoid the costly mistakes that many investors unknowingly make. For those who have already entered retirement, Peter Besler can help you develop a strategy that seeks to generate income from your retirement portfolio in order to help meet your retirement income needs.

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Peter Besler is an astute professional who maintains close contact with each of his clients and achieved EPC (Elder Planning Counselor) certification in order to better understand and service mature investors. The Elder Planning Counselor plays a very important part in dealing with elders on a financial, social or health basis. An Elder Planning Counselor will be expected to adhere to the CIEPS Code of Professional Ethics. The objective of the Code of Professional Ethics is to specify and set forth the means to enforce the minimum ethical conduct expected of all Members as professionals and to facilitate voluntary compliance with the standards considerably higher than the required minimums. The integrity of the EPC is uncompromising and will at all times reflect the highest principles and standards to be followed. Adhering to the Code of Professional Ethics is mandatory for all EPC designees and its provisions are strictly enforced. Peter Besler is proud of achieving Elder Planning Counselor certification and maintains his membership in the Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies in order to more effectively serve clients over 50 years of age. For more information on the EPC designation please visit their website.

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