We provide investment solutions tailored to meet your needs


Peter Besler helps his clients define an investment strategy tailored to their goals, then helps them make informed investment choices from among an expansive investment platform across every market and asset class.


Today investors are looking for strategies to defer or minimize the potential impact of Federal and Provincial income tax on their investment returns. As part of our services, our clients benefit from our dedication to finding investments and strategies which help reduce taxes payable and maximize after-tax returns.

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As Investment Advisors at iA Private Wealth Inc., a nation-wide brokerage firm, we have access to a global platform of resources that enables us to select the products and services that match the diverse financial needs of our clients.

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Respected for his informed opinions and unique writing style, Peter Besler has often been asked to provide his expertise and viewpoint on a variety of investment related topics. Our current focus list provides clients with the latest in media coverage featuring Peter Besler.

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Retirement Investing

Peter Besler is an astute professional who maintains close contact with each of his clients. In addition to an impressive list of professional accomplishments, Peter Besler achieved EPC (Elder Planning Counselor) certification in order to better understand and specialize in servicing mature investors.

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comprehensive Investment solutions for you

As Investment Advisors at IA Private Wealth Inc., a nation-wide full service brokerage firm, we have access to a global platform of resources that enables us to select the products and services that match the diverse financial needs of our clients.

We offer an expansive investment product platform across every market and asset class including:

For most individual investors the key to successful wealth accumulation is having a disciplined, long-term investment strategy—and an effective investment professional to carry out that strategy. Peter Besler is your best choice. His approach includes asset allocation and advice on investment product selection, complemented by rigorous due diligence into each potential product specifically selected for you. Please contact us for a discussion about which products may be best suited for you. We look forward to speaking with you.


Life is about change. So is wealth building. As investors move through the stages of life, they face a succession of financial challenges. Some challenges, like the need to prudently manage the relationship between investment risk and return, start early and never go away. Others, like estate planning, come later in life. These changing goals and priorities can be summarized as a cycle with four broad stages:

Wealth Accumulation: During this phase, individuals are primarily focused on acquiring the assets they are likely to need to help meet their long-term financial goals.

Wealth Preservation: As investors move into their peak earning years, their financial focus may gradually shift from asset growth to risk management—protecting their families and their portfolios from unexpected adversity or market volatility.

Wealth Utilization: At some point, most individuals will need to draw on their accumulated resources to fund specific needs, such as university tuition costs or retirement expenses.

Wealth Transfer: Many, if not most, affluent individuals hope to leave a sizable legacy for their children, their grandchildren and/or their communities.

Peter Besler is aware that these stages overlap, and that the transition between these stages can be very gradual. This means individuals and their advisor must address a constantly changing mix of new and old financial problems. For example: Lengthening life expectancies, soaring medical costs and rising expectations for a comfortable standard of living all mean that even retired investors can’t ignore the need to continue balancing current income and capital growth. For a comfortable and private discussion about your objectives during your current stage of life please contact us today.

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