We offer strategies which may improve returns through tax efficiency


While all investors should think in terms of risk-adjusted returns, tax-paying investors should also think of their after-tax risk-adjusted returns. This does not mean tax efficiency should be the driving force behind investing decisions. However, tax-paying investors should plan their investments and spending needs with taxes in mind from the outset and if there is a tie between two similarly situated investments, they should always go with the more tax-efficient one.


Today investors are looking for strategies to defer or minimize the potential impact of Federal and Provincial income tax on their investment returns. As part of our services, our clients benefit from our dedication to finding investments and strategies which help reduce taxes payable and maximize after-tax returns.

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As Investment Advisors at iA Private Wealth Inc., an industry-leading wealth management firm, we have access to a global platform of resources that enables us to select the products and services that match the diverse financial needs of our clients.

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Respected for his informed opinions and unique writing style, Peter Besler has often been asked to provide his expertise and viewpoint on a variety of investment related topics. Our current focus list provides clients with the latest in media coverage featuring Peter Besler.

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Retirement Investing

Peter Besler is an astute professional who maintains close contact with each of his clients. In addition to an impressive list of professional accomplishments, Peter Besler achieved EPC (Elder Planning Counselor) certification in order to better understand and specialize in servicing mature investors.

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Tax efficiency is essential to maximizing returns. Due to the complexities of both investing and Canadian tax laws, many investors don't understand how to manage their portfolio to minimize their tax burden. Simply put, tax efficiency is a measure of how much of an investment's return is left over after taxes are paid. The more that an investment relies on investment income - rather than a change in its price - to generate a return, the less tax-efficient it is to the investor. Peter Besler offers strategies for creating a more tax-efficient portfolio. These strategies contain tools commonly overlooked by investors, which may result in lower lifetime returns due to paying higher taxes. We offer a complete range of tax-advantaged investment products and services, including:

Please contact us so that we may develop a tax efficient investment strategy that is appropriate for you. We look forward to speaking with you.


The best possible after-tax return can be achieved by balancing not only an investment's risk in relation to potential return but its risk in relation to its after-tax return. Peter Besler will help you incorporate tax effective strategies when choosing your investments. This approach may help you reduce or defer the amount of tax incurred. Peter can help you understand the tax implications of investing so you can take advantage of the most tax effective ways to meet your investment objectives.

Based on the different tax treatments of investment income, you may wish to consider strategies that maximize tax efficiency within your portfolio. One simple option is to hold investments that earn interest income within your registered plan, where income is tax-sheltered, and investments with preferential tax treatment in a non-registered account. Peter Besler may suggest additional tax-efficient strategies for your portfolio.

The old saying goes, “It’s not what you make but rather what you keep that counts”. This is crucial in the investment world. Peter Besler calls this Tax Smart Investing. Tax Smart Investing focuses on the after tax implications of any investment decision. Tax Smart Investing is especially important when investing non-RRSP money because any investment earnings are taxed unlike investing money inside an RRSP, where all investment income is tax sheltered. For a complementary review of your current investment portfolio and suggestions to improve it's tax efficiency please talk with Peter Besler today.

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